As the world continues to transform digitally, more businesses need help with managing their IT infrastructure. Many business owners are turning to the cost-effective option of IT infrastructure outsourcing to get the professional technical assistance they need for their business to thrive.

According to recent reports, the IT outsourcing market was valued at $526.6 billion US last year. The market is expected to grow by another $157.5 billion within the next five years as more businesses turn to outsourced services.

In this article, we’ll examine the benefits of IT outsourcing with a managed service provider (MSP), and the reasons why you should outsource your IT infrastructure.

What Does it Mean to Outsource IT Infrastructure?

IT infrastructure outsourcing is when businesses choose to outsource the management of certain IT components to a professional third-party MSP. This is different from hiring an in-house team, as the outsourcing company works remotely and provides IT support services based on what your business requires.

Businesses can choose from a variety of IT services to outsource. Some of the most common outsourced services include:

  • Cloud services
  • Network support
  • Support for data centers
  • Technical support services
  • Cybersecurity and data protection
  • And more


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Why Outsource IT Infrastructure? A Closer Look at the Benefits

Business owners have to handle an overwhelming number of tasks on a day-to-day basis. Trying to handle various technology tasks alongside everything else can lead to lower business performance and a poorer user experience for clients. 

IT infrastructure outsourcing solves this problem by enabling you to hand off IT management to a trustworthy team of professionals so that you and your team can focus on mission-critical tasks.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the main benefits of outsourcing infrastructure services.

1. Reduce Business Costs

One of the main reasons why outsourcing IT infrastructure services is gaining popularity amongst small businesses is because of how cost-effective it is

Statistics reveal that the hiring and training process for a single IT employee can cost tens of thousands of dollars, a price that may not be affordable for small-to-mid-sized businesses.  

When a business owner opts for outsourced services from an MSP, they generally pay a flat fee on a contractual basis, reducing costs annually.

2. Reduce IT Downtime

Since most business managers are not IT professionals and often cannot afford to hire a full-time in-house team, they often end up with poorly managed or configured IT infrastructure that is frequently subject to system bugs and failures. 

These system failures usually require a significant time to resolve, which carries a steep cost for most small businesses.

Outsourcing IT ensures that a team of skilled technicians provide long-term infrastructure management, often with 24/7 support. This allows for seamless IT operation and results in a significant reduction of downtime in the event an issue arises.

3. Client Data Protection

Data protection is a serious concern for many businesses that carry sensitive client information. Working with an MSP can significantly reduce risks, as your system will be covered by advanced cybersecurity and data protection. 

Some outsourced services providers offer additional data protection services, which include data backup, data recovery, and support for data centers in their outsourcing packages.

IT Infrastructure Outsourcing

4. Increased Focus on Core Business Tasks

Running a business is no easy task, as owners already have their hands full with core functions. The last thing they need is to sort out IT infrastructure management on their own.

With IT infrastructure outsourcing, companies start saving time and money by handing off complex tasks to IT professionals so they can focus on growth.

5. Access to a Variety of Skills and Talents

Hiring a local IT technician who has the exact skillset a business requires can be difficult. MSPs alleviate this issue, as their team features various skilled technicians who have the necessary knowledge and expertise to handle any kind of IT-related tasks.

The Risks of IT Infrastructure Outsourcing

Before working with an IT outsourcing company, business owners should make sure they read the contract carefully and properly establish payment methods, responsibilities, and an effective means of communication. 

Since the outsourced IT technicians will be offering remote assistance, there may be a difference in time zones, and possibly even language barriers. 

It is essential that business owners choose to partner with a reputable outsourcing company, and communicate effectively with them from the beginning so they can enjoy the many benefits of outsourcing.


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Get Reliable IT Infrastructure Outsourcing From a Trusted Partner

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