Last year, 61% of all SMBs in the US reported having at least one cyber attack.

With a figure like that, it’s no wonder that IT spending for both small- and medium-sized businesses is growing rapidly.

But, as a business owner, where should you focus your IT efforts, whether in-house or through an outsourced managed service provider?

In this article, we explore the most prevalent IT problems plaguing businesses today.

Listing the 7 Biggest Technology Issues in Business

Here are the top 7 most common IT problems that businesses are facing in 2022:

  1. Minimal/poor cyber security measures
  2. No data backup or disaster recovery plan
  3. Endpoint user vulnerabilities
  4. Frequent hardware & software issues
  5. Unrestricted employee data access
  6. No overarching IT strategy
  7. Poor cloud management/understanding

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Exploring the 7 Most Common Technology Problems

1. Minimal/Poor Cyber Security Measures

Even among the most common IT issues that businesses face on a daily basis, security risks and data breaches are easily the most frequent problem, and for small businesses especially.

For even large companies, the risk of a cyber security breach is a serious financial detriment, with data breaches now costing companies an average of $200,000.

For small businesses, this could put them out of business.

One of the best solutions for businesses of any size is to contract support services for IT, and outsourced options are often the most cost-effective with the highest ROI.

2. No Data Backup or Disaster Recovery Plan

If you were to go into work one morning and find all of your files mysteriously deleted, sensitive client information is gone, or a ransomware virus has infected your entire network, would you be prepared?

Whether this occurs from someone accidentally deleting critical lines of code or a blue screen of death, chances are that checking your recycle bin will be too little too late.

In these stressful situations, the best solution is to have a data backup and disaster recovery plan in place.
If you’ve got a managed service provider handling your IT, they would have already backed up all your data on cloud-based storage (and ideally a separate external drive that’s not connected to your network).

3. Endpoint User Vulnerability

If your employees work remotely and are able to use their personal devices to access company information, then that’s a huge security risk if those devices aren’t regulated, monitored or protected with anti-virus.

To fix the root of this problem, you’ll want to either issue your employees company-provided devices, encrypt all data with firewalls and VPN on your end, or both.

If you’re concerned about your level of risk due to unsecured endpoint devices, book a free 1-hour consultation with us today, and we can discuss options that will work for you.

4. Hardware & Software Issues

Frequent error messages, slow internet and overall slow performance on your business devices can drastically hurt employee productivity and your organization’s bottom line.

Fix these recurring issues by either implementing a companywide helpdesk or else outsource your IT to a qualified managed service provider with 24/7 assistance.

5. Unrestricted Employee Data Access

While employees do absolutely require some measure of file access, they don’t need access to everything (such as sensitive network passwords and information).

By limiting the type of access your employees have, you will significantly reduce the security risks to your company, as many data breaches come about as a result of employee error or social engineering scams.

6. No IT Strategy

Planning on scaling your business or preparing for a period of growth? If you don’t have a plan for how your IT will facilitate that growth and grow with you, your efforts will be seriously hindered.

Collaborate with your IT experts or managed service provider to come up with a rock-solid plan that will enable you to achieve the growth you want to see.

If you want to develop a robust IT strategy that plans for business growth, we can help with that. Book a free 1-hour consultation with us today.

7. Poor Cloud Management/Understanding

When businesses fail to understand how the cloud works (and how it can be properly used to enhance business performance) many refer to it as ‘cloud confusion’.

Embracing the cloud to store, access and protect data is the main benefit to any cloud service, but requires the right expertise and attention to do well.

IT Problems

Solving Your IT Problems with the Right Managed Service Provider

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